“A modern approach to a traditional art form” is how terry graziano describes her signature line of women's multifunctional hats.
“I often begin with classic millinery shapes and then put them in motion.”

Combining her background in fashion and costume design and construction, terry creates hats that are purposefully designed to be worn many different ways. This allows women to customize the silhouette to compliment their outfit, their mood, and their own individual beauty. When combined with a woman’s imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Versatile as well as eco-friendly, terry uses only designer mill-end surplus fabrics in luxurious textures and colors while personally handcrafting each hat in her studio with great care and attention to detail. Each hat is fully lined for comfort and durability, and they are adjustable for head size and shape to create an ideal fit.

“For me, it’s all about flexibility.
Clothing can be worn many ways –
why should hats be any different?”
Knowing that many other women feel the same,
terry is transforming the world, one head at a time.