In the News : Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art

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I'm so pleased to be the featured artist in the latest edition of the Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art!

It is such an honor to be included among the amazing artists that have been featured in the past, as well as the beautiful poetry that so deserves to be highlighted. 

You can read the entire issue here, and view my feature here.

Postcard January : Snowy Days
Happy New Year!

I hope you had a marvelous holiday season and are off to a great start in 2016.
We were lucky enough to have a white Christmas and it's lasted into New Year's Day and beyond.  It's been a proper winter so far.  I brought my camera with me on a walk around my neighborhood a few mornings ago, and I thought I'd share a few photos of what the new year looks like from here.
(Freshie, this is for you, xo.) 

taos mountain

snow mountains & fog

snowy pine tree

snowy mountain road

mountain landscape

fence post & rocks

ghost trees

snow landscape taos

mountain view

icy sagebrush

clouds & sky

magestic tree

barbed wire fence

Thanks for coming along with me!
how I wear my hat #6 : autumn sun
black hat sunshine mountains hat silhouette

wide brim black hat striped sweater high desert mountains new mexico sunshine

wide brim black hat southwestern sweater new mexico mountain sun terry graziano

terry graziano hats, asymmetrical wide brim black hat, designer hat, ootd, southwest fashion, black wool hat

striped sweater, black hat, designer hat, wide brim hat

black hat

wide brim black wool hat, terry graziano

hat at sunset

meditation, striped sweater, sunset, black hat, terry graziano

bokeh, black hat, terry graziano

The autumn days have been so lovely, with warm sun and crisp cool air.  My wardrobe is slowly transitioning into proper autumn attire - I add a sweater here, a layer there, boots instead of sandals.

These wide-leg trousers and lightweight patterned sweater are the perfect companions to my black wide-brimmed Ripple Effect hat.  The trousers, an Anthropologie buy from about 10 years ago, are a heavyweight cotton with a generous cuff and crisscross lacing at the back waist.  I've worn them to death and they are still going strong. The sweater is a Marc Jacobs beauty that I snagged at Century 21 in NYC on major clearance a few years back, and is a great mix of wool & cotton.  Also wearing my trusty All Saints boots.
I've done a couple of closet clear-outs recently, and it's always interesting to see what makes the cut and what I'm ready to let go of.  It's a pretty good bet that these two pieces will stay until they're worn through.
how I wear my hat #6 : evening walk

We went for an evening walk last night, to enjoy the sweet air and the changing light.
And to take photographs, of course!

The sunflowers are everywhere!

wearing jcrew jacket (old), drugstore sunglasses, my Switchback hat

They have no scent.

The colors & cloud formations were so beautiful!

This looked like a huge bird flying over Taos Mountain.

This last shot was through my sunglass lens, which turned everything from orange to fuchsia & purple.

Thanks for stopping by!